Delhi Temperature Soars Brutally at 49°C, People Flock to Hill Stations

With the mercury levels rising at record highs, Delhi’s temperature has touched a brutal 49°C. The India Meteorological Department recorded the highest temperature in Delhi on 15 May 2022. Hence, the weather agency urges people in Delhi to avoid going out of their homes unless it’s important. The authorities also advise them to have plenty of water throughout the day. Meanwhile, people need to take appropriate measures to protect themselves from the soaring sun.

Delhi Temperature in Different Regions

The national capital’s Najafgarh station recorded 49.1 degrees Celsius and Mungeshpur station recorded 49.2 degrees. The weather station at Safdarjung recorded a temperature of 45.6 degrees Celsius, whereas western Delhi recorded temperatures between 46 to 48 degrees Celsius.

Even other parts of Delhi experienced higher temperature rise to 45.8 degrees Celsius at Lodhi Road, 46.4 degrees Celsius at Palam, and 46.8 degrees Celsius at Ayanagar, according to the Central weather agency.

Delhi Temperature Soars Brutal 49°C, People Flock to Hill Stations

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Due to such increasing temperatures in the National Capital, the authorities put an orange alter. The alert is to warn people about the extreme heatwave.

The IMD gives weather warnings as per the four colour codes, where green means “no action needed”, yellow means “watch and stay updated”, orange means “be prepared,” and red indicates “take action.”

Cloudy Skies Bring a Sigh of Relief

However, the cloudy skies lately have brought some sighs of relief from extreme heat the next week. On May 16, a thunderstorm with lightning and gusty winds hit Northern India. Some isolated places in Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttrakhand experienced it.

Besides these places, even isolated places at Chandigarh, Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana experienced lightning/gusty winds at the speed of 30-40 kmph. Even Kerala and Mahe witnessed lightning/gusty winds at a speed of 40-50 kmph.

Nonetheless, the weather agency still recommends people with moderate health conditions in Northern India take preventive measures to stay protected from sun exposure.

People Flocking to Hill Stations

To get some relief from the extremely high Delhi temperature, people in large numbers have started flocking to hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, and various other regions. Ever since the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, a large number of tourists are visiting the hill stations. At least for a while, they can get some days of relief in delightfully warm weather.

Delhi Temperature Soars Brutal 49°C, People Flock to Hill Stations

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Nonetheless, this year, even hill stations, like Shimla, are also witnessing unusually high temperatures. Hence, the local people in the hill towns are suffering from the increasing temperatures. However, the tourists coming from already hotter regions may find some solace for a while.

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