[NSFL] Why Not To Let Your Dog Mess with Porcupines, Ever?

Porcupines may not be world’s smartest creatures, but they are certainly one of the most adapted to discouraging predators. We have seen what happens when anyone messes with porcupines. Confrontational cases of dogs vs. porcupines are nothing new. Mostly, dogs end up at vet clinics, with bodies full of porcupine quills.

Porcupines are slow. Their speed makes some dogs think they can take unassuming and interesting animals on. But, as soon as the dog gets close and spooks the porcupine, he’s greeted with a face full of quills.

[NSFL] Why Not To Let Your Dog Mess with Porcupines, Ever?

It surely sounds awful, it is painful and dangerous for your dog. Your dog could be safe from porcupines, if  keep your dog under control and on a leash. If you let your dog run leash-free, or let your guard down, you’ll need to remove the quills quickly.

If you can’t remove them on your own, don’t cut them. Leave them in place and get to a vet as soon as possible. It might seem cruel to leave them in, but a full quill is easier for a vet to work with. Quills need to be attended to quickly – if they are left in, they’ll work their way deeper into the tissue and could do a lot of damage to your pet.

The picture was posted by a Redditor. The photo was clicked while they were on their way to see a vet.

Confrontational cases of dogs vs. porcupines are nothing new

Confrontational cases of dogs vs. porcupines are nothing new. This dog has a severe case of quills piercing through its body.

It’s a nightmare. The image is somewhat disturbing. Hundreds of quills have pricked almost every parts of the body. The face is completely shrouded with quills. But there is something to be thankful about. Fortunately, the dog didn’t procure damage to most sensitive part of the face; eyes. The dog must have gave vet a hard time fixing this mess.

In August 2012, Allison Noles rushed her bulldog Bella Mae to the vet. The dog’s face looked like a pincushion, with some 500 spines protruding from her face, paws and body. The internet is littered with such pictures, of Bella Mae and other unfortunate dogs.

The moral of the story is that never ever let your pet mess with porcupines. Nature seems to have given this creature a little advanced weaponry for its defense. It’s simply incredible. Don’t you agree?

Image: Reddit

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