World’s First ECOLOGO-Certified Gaming Mice by Razer

To commemorate World Environment Day 2022, Razer has announced that its two gaming mice – the Basilisk V3 and the DeathAdder Essential – are now ECOLOGO-certified. These are the world’s first gaming mice to get an ECOLOGO certification by UL, a global safety science leader. The new mice are part of their 10-year ‘Go Green With Razer’ sustainability initiative.

The mice have also passed UL2710, the Outline of Investigation for Sustainability for Portable Electronics. This certifies them as completely sustainable products. Hence, eco-conscious consumers can buy these happily, knowing their gaming mice meet the strict environmental performance as per the industry standards.

Razer ECOLOGO-Certified gaming mouse

Image: Razer

The company picked these mice for ECOLOGO certification because they are vital for any battle station, thanks to maximum comfort, customizability, and speed. For certifying these products, UL checked various sustainability criteria. They evaluated whether the mice meet the EU hazardous chemical restricted substance regulations.

They also assessed the products for sensitization and skin irritation. UL even checked Razer’s repairing and replacement management processes, covering ease of disassembling the product by authorized service providers. This shows how carefully Razer takes care of the selective waste treatment needs.The mice even fulfill the sustainable packaging criteria. That’s because they come packed in boxes made with FSC-certified material that’s free of chlorine and heavy metals. Even the printing on the packaging is in sustainable soy-ink to ensure it’s easier to recycle them. Lastly, UL also checked Razer’s facilities for certifying whether the mice were created in environmentally responsible facilities as proof of certification to ISO 14001.

World’s First ECOLOGO-Certified Gaming Mice by Razer

Image: Razer

It’s not the first time that Razer and UL have teamed up to work on sustainable products in the industry. During the event of RazerCon 2021, Razer announced its partnership with UL for promoting a Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) ecolabel. This was to encourage the manufacturing of sustainable gaming products.

After that, both Razer and UL began to work on the industry level. Together they found the major causes of environmental impact that need attention from all gaming product manufacturers. As a result, there will be more robust solutions to follow sustainable practices in each step of product manufacturing.

Razer is keen to go the extra mile to manufacture greener products. Hence, the consumers will also be at peace with their well-informed buying choices. However, the new ECOLOGO Mark will start on the packaging of Razer’s two popular mice by the end of 2022. All the users can feel happy knowing that their mice are sustainable.

Via: Venture Beat

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