15+ Intuitive Environmental Awareness Games for Kids

Environmental problems are not new – our planet has been dealing with issues like air pollution, water pollution, carbon emissions, glacier melting, climate change, global warming, ocean plastic pollution, and whatnot! In this day and age internet has overshadowed almost everything from online education to online gaming. However, online games tend to obstruct one’s mind with baseless business, still, they can have a useful purpose.

Environmental Awareness Games - Play Now

Image: Beyond Blue

Games are not less than a new world for kids where they can be the superheroes of that very world. Visual gaming can really affect one’s psyche especially teens therefore, there is a need for awareness regarding some mindful visual games that would inculcate some good environmental values among children, to shape the future.

10+ environmental awareness mobile games for Android and iOS

1) Ice Flows

The game revolves around the ice flow in the Antarctic region and how it reacts to climate change. It comprises a number of levels, making it playful, challenging and informative, all at the same time.

You can download it for free now – Google Play/App Store

2) Lumino City

  Lumino City is a puzzle adventure game with an environmental message, that has been created using paper, cardboard and glue. The visuals shown in the game are of a handmade world!

Don’t miss the adventure and download it right away – Google Play/Apple Store

3) Clean my Beach

Clean my Beach gives an insight into how waste items affect the population of sea animals. Throw as much waste as you can in the bin to clean the beach which then becomes an instinctive habit in real life too.

You can download the game on – Google Play/Apple Store

4) Deep Blue Dump

In Deep Blue Dump you are supposed to protect a baby turtle on its first ocean journey by pushing away the plastic trash.

To save the little one from plastic pollution download now – Google Play/App Store

5) NeMO-Net

Players get to help NASA classify coral reefs by painting 3D and 2D images of coral. You get to explore the reefs and other marine life from all over the world in this game.

Free for download – Google Play/App Store

6) Sustainable Shaun

Help Shaun to build an eco-friendly city for the lost animals of the big city in the title Sustainable Shaun. The players can build their ideal sustainable settlement, using your sustainability beat the mission mode!

Play Sustainable Shaun for free – Google Play/Apple Store

7) My City Cleaning

My city cleaning revolves around waste management to encourage you to keep your city clean. The game includes various cleaning activities like house cleaning, river cleaning, road cleaning and recycling. The game truly transits educational value for kids which all goes well for their future.

Available on – Google Play/App Store

8) Reset Earth

The game highlights the significance of the ozone layer and the reasons behind its depletion, Three teenagers time travel to save the world from a disease that has decreased the life expectancy of humans up to thirty years.

Play now to find out the root cause with them! – Google Play/App Store

9) Bleached Az

Bleached Az is a mobile game based on the famous series Beached Az. The game promotes awareness regarding ocean health and its conservation.

Download now! – Google Play/App Store

10) Morphy

Morphy is a live science game, it teaches students about the external structures of animals that function to support survival and behavior.

Download the application to explore  – Google Play/App store


Image: Morphy

Envirnmental games_morphy gameplay

Image: Morphy


Image: Morphy

11) Climate Quest

The Climate Quest game is based on the ongoing climate crisis across the United States. The player gets to choose a scientist hero out of four heroes to prepare against various disasters. The player who will be able to prepare for the events would earn the top score.

Play now on – Google Play/App Store

Available on iOS only

Save A Rhino

Save a Rhino familiarizes us with the dangers that rhinos are facing, and you can prevent them from danger! Play the game and contribute to raising funds for the Perfect World Foundation’s preservation efforts.

Download now! – App Store

Available on Android only

Recycle Rush

The Recycle Rush game includes picking up and stacking totes on scoring platforms, putting pool noodles inside recycling containers, and putting the containers on top of scoring stacks of totes.

Download now – Google Play Store

Play on web


Space Caretakers of the trash-clearing GreenSpace forces are sent into outer space to clean up the planets to make them livable again. The players receive rewards for cleaning the spaces. The game has been developed to promote environment, since the negligence towards nature is rising day by day.

Working with Water

The player will be accountable for meeting the increased water demands while building new infrastructure for the community, the game teaches to maintain a sustainable water supply system.

Play now – Chaos Theory

Green gaming_working with water

Image: Working with Water

Green gaming_working with water

Image: Working with Water

Five fun PC games that can increase your environmental awareness

1) Plasticity

You get to explore a plastic-ridden world and the theme of the game revolves around waste management and recycling. The cool learning game is available on Steam for free!

Play now on – Steam

2) Eco

Eco is a simulation game in which players work together to create a civilization on a virtual planet. The game highlights how every action that you make affects the environment, the player has to build, harvest by using natural resources while maintaining a sustainable balance. A forthcoming meteor strike intimidates global destruction can you help?

Play now on – Eco/Steam

3) Niche

Niche is a life simulation game combined with some great survival elements. The aim of the gamer is to build a tribe of animals, players can use genetic selection and explicit breeding to create their own species of animal. The animals will have to survive through problems like climate change, disease, illness, and injury. Help them flourish and survive!

Play now – Niche 

4) Fate of the World

The Fate of the World structures situations based on real scientific facts, the player is in charge of a virtual international organization managing environmental and social policies. The game highlights the issue of global warming, which is based on actual research.

Available now – Steam

5) Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is a single-player educational and adventure game, which unravels the deep blue world and its mystery. The game happens to be inspired by BBC’s Blue Planet nature documentary series and reflects some issues related to ocean plastic pollution, game’s main character is a deep-sea researcher who led his team to investigate ocean life.

Play now – Steam

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