Evapolar portable eco-friendly air conditioner promises to cut down power bills

Evapolar eco-friendly protable air conditioner

When the sun is burning and the mercury is rising ever so continuously, each one of us desires to have a portable air conditioner on the desk to keep us cool. A Russian innovative company has turned our desire into reality with Evapolar – world’s first portable personal air conditioner.

Only one-tenth the size of a traditional air conditioner; Evapolar is a compact desktop air conditioner that optimally cools the area within a couple of meters from where it is placed without Freon or any other kind toxic coolant.

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With the portable air conditioner, made using recyclable paper-thin evaporative nano-materials, users can adjust the temperature requirement to preference and keep cool and comfortable in natural and healthy breeze while working, reading or even sleeping.

How does it work?

Evapolar has a 710ml water tank – fill the removable tank, place it on the desk or wherever you want, plug it to a socket and let it start cooling you in less than two minutes. Weighing just 1.7kg, the air conditioner consumer as little as 18 Watts and can cool up to 17 degrees for 6-8 hours before requiring refueling.

Reducing electricity bills

Evapolar is eco-friendly; it helps bring down electricity bills by allowing you to cool your personal space whenever required instead of cooling the entire room unnecessarily. The company claims Evapolar to be 12 times more energy efficient than tradition air conditioners.

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Evapolar is up for crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The company expecting to raise $100,000 has managed to already raise $156,850 (at time of writing) with eight days still to go. The portable eco-friendly air conditioner is scheduled to ship in June 2016 for $250 in Black, White and Green colors.


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