French Astronaut Asks for Stringent Climate Change Action in COP26 Summit From Space

A French astronaut on space station asked for urgent climate action in COP26 Climate Summit as he shared his present view in accordance with the alarming situation of global warming from space. Since the United Kingdom happens to host the Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), which is taking place at Glasgow in Scotland till November 12, 2021, Thomas Pesquet, a European Space Agency astronaut, commander of the International Space Station, shared a top shot of the UK surrounded by water.

The astronaut shared a shot of the United Kingdom from space, unfortunately, the host of the summit, Scotland, was shrouded under the clouds. A solar panel peering in the picture can be seen at the top left of the picture.

French Astronaut Asks for Stringent Climate Change Action from Space

Image: Space

According to some officials, COP26 is the world’s last best shot for climate action. This year alone, many distressing wildfires, storms, floods, glacier melting and other extreme weather phenomena were witnessed all around the globe.

The 25th summit was held in December 2019 in Madrid, but it yielded unimpressive results. Pesquet voiced his dissatisfaction with the 2019 summit and said;

The results were a little disappointing, Let’s hope that the leaders from all over the world can unite and work together to achieve the goals that will keep our planet habitable for many millennia to come.

The planet really needs our help and this summit is indeed one of the ways to redeem the environment. Sadly, it cannot be said with certainty how much this summit will help the planet in its battle against rapidly changing climatic conditions.

Via: Space

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