Geocycle to use Bubble Curtain to Stop Plastics from Entering Yamuna

Geocycle, a global waste management unit of building solution provider LafargeHolcim, has developed a plan to install innovative curtain technology for the first time in India. Geocycle bubble curtain will prevent the plastics from entering the Yamuna River.

The bubble barrier is to be installed on the Mantola canal of Agra city that undertakes 40% of the wastewater and storm drains.


Long ago, the Yamuna River was pristine blue but today the river is considered one of the most polluted rivers in the world. It is significantly polluted downstream of New Delhi, where 58% of the city waste is dumped in the river.

Thus, the bubble curtain is a non-invasive solution that stops the plastic from being passed into the oceans. Ships and fishes can get through these bubbles but the plastics will be extracted.

Children who live along the banks of the Yamuna River in ramshackle huts hunt for coins and anything valuable they can collect

Photo: David Gilkey/NPR

The bubble screen has a strategically designed air tube, placed diagonally on the river or canal bed. The waste is collected on the surface and plastic is channelled to the banks where it is extracted.

The bubble barrier is generated as compressed air is passed through the tubes placed at the bottom of the canal. This tube is then connected to a compressor, powered by solar energy. Dissolved oxygen levels in the waster water are increased by aeration, with improved water quality.

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The approach used by Geocycle for river plastic cleaning is varied from other river clean-up projects. Energy and recycled material are recovered without any residue by co-processing in cement kiln.

The guaranteed safe and environmentally friendly treatment to collect waste makes it a good alternative to fighting the challenge of marine litter by tackling the source of the problem.

Via: Ani News

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