Kashmiri Maths Teacher Builds Electric Solar Car From Scratch

With rising fuel costs in the country, people are desperately looking for better alternatives for commuting. While an electric car seems to be a good solution, it’s a far-fetched dream in the country for many people. Probably with the same thought in mind, a man from Jammu and Kashmir has taken matters into his hands. Hence, he invented an affordable electric solar car from scratch.

Reportedly, Bilal Ahmed, a maths teacher from Srinagar’s Sanat Nagar, has put in 11 years of hard work and research to create this fully-automatic electric car. He has been an automobile enthusiast all his life. Finally, he turned his passion into reality with this electric solar car.

Even Omar Abdullah, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, tweeted about the teacher’s achievement. He wrote:

Ahmed always wanted to create luxury yet affordable vehicles for common people. According to him, common people often dream of owning cars like Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, etc. But only the rich can afford these expensive cars. But Ahmed wanted to give the feeling of luxuriousness through innovation to even common people.

Kashmiri Maths Teacher Builds Electric Solar Car From Scratch

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So, he started modifying a car after watching various videos and adding new features to it. At first, he began to create a car for the disabled. But because of some financial issues, he could not carry forward that project.e

In 2009, he thought of working on a car powered by solar energy. His hard work paid off finally in 2022 when he finished the car. Ahmed stated that his solar vehicle has features of a luxury car but only runs on electricity produced by the monocrystalline solar panels.

For making this car, Ahmed used special solar panels with the ability to generate more electricity. The best thing about these solar panels is that they can generate energy even with minimal sun exposure. These panels also occupy fewer surface areas and still are quite efficient. This fully automated car comes with gullwing doors for recouping with space constraints.

But even after the successful creation of this electric solar far, Ahmed expressed his disappointment. He said that financial assistance had been a big restriction for his work. He believes that if someone invested in his projects, he would have been Kashmir’s Elon Musk.

However, we are happy with his work and hope that he gets the necessary funding to make more sustainable projects a wonderful reality.

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