Lecturing Bird: A member of Gabriel Dishaw’s Junk Art collection

Whenever a recycling enthusiast would think about the Junk Art, first  thing to flash in front of eyes will be Robot Jordan’s Air Junk Dunk Shoes created by famous junk artist Gabriel Dishaw, passionate for working with mechanical, electronic or any sort of found machine parts. Gabriel found it productive for both, his creativity and the environment, to use junk as his material for his amazing sculptures. Recycling reduces some toxic waste, which otherwise ends up in the landfills.

During a visit to Gabriel’s personal website, we found a new member in his recycled art collection. The name is Lecturing Bird and you’ll definitely get it why this name is perfect for the sculpture.  The Lecturing Bird is the result of mythological impression on the artist. It’s a half bird and half human or say, a human with bird head. It rules over its minions and sculpture is trying to depict the way Lecturing Bird points out at them all and make them follow his orders.

That was about the inspirational part, but material wise, Gabriel chose junk again. He used computer parts, adding machines, airplane wire, copy machine components, typewriter parts and assembled them to form a nice example of creative junk art.

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