Maldives Environment Minister Shows Concern as the Country Risks Disappearing

The Maldives is at the risk of disappearing by the end of this century if the world does not act quickly, according to the country’s environment minister, Aminath Shauna.

Aminath stated that there is no higher ground for the country while it is at the risk of devastating flooding. She said that at the current pace of climate change, Maldives will not be able to survive.

She further added that climate change is real and small countries like the Maldives are at their most vulnerable.

80% of the country’s 1,190 islands are barely a meter above sea level, making them vulnerable to rising sea levels. Currently, 90% of the islands have experienced flooding, 97% shoreline erosion, and 64% serial erosion.

The World Economic Forum has suggested that by 2050, nearly 80% of people will be impacted by global warming and climate change.

Maldives at Risk of Disappearing due to Rapid Sea Level Rise

Image: Natucate

She said that the income, food, and survival of Maldives’ citizens depend on addressing these vulnerabilities today.

Apparently, Maldives has already introduced several adaptive measures to reduce the impact of climate change like coastal protection tools and community programs to promote resilience. The country looks forward to becoming a “leader in mitigation efforts” – to reduce greenhouse emissions.

It is essential for every single person in the world to address climate change at a personal level before it’s too late. On a larger scale, the government needs to take action to reduce the impact of climate change.

There is an urgent requirement of ambitious targets to help not the just Maldives but other small islands around the world!


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