Man Turns an Old Double-Decker Bus into Fantastic new Home for $11,000

Recycling is a great practice and we keep posting about artists and DIY enthusiasts giving new life to junk. But, what about recycling in a more productive manner? We came across a DIY project in which an electrician turned an old doubledecker bus into a fantastic living apartment. It might not be that much green, but it’s an accidental and unintentional recycling job.

Stacy and Daniel are the happiest couple in spite of the fact that they couldn’t afford a house because the real estate market started from $100,000, which was too much for them. It was a big problem for Daniel aged 28 and Stacy 20, as they wanted to move together and their love made Daniel convert a 1991 Leyland Olympia into a fantastic living apartment, which he has parked on a rented plot at Canterbury fields. Isn’t that wonderful!

Daniel is self-employed as an electrician and house prices didn’t suit him, so he bought a double-decker bus from ebay for $3000 and spent another $8000 on its modification and renovation. With the total expenditure of $11,000, Daniel converted it into a living space, which has a two-bedroom, twin bedroom, kitchen with a sink, running water from a 220-litter tank, electricity either from batteries or from the direct power source. Daniel is looking to get a bus driving license so that this sweet couple could visit the place where he grew up – Cornwall.

It seemed to be a stupid idea according to Daniel’s mother and his friends, but now they are all willing to do something similar and live next to the happy couple. We guess, ebay is going to see sale of more old busses in the future and reduce some junk from ending in landfills.

As a piece of advice to Daniel, he should install some solar panels too. It’ll ease the traveling and lessen the emissions.

Daily Mail/AutoChunk

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