With Increasing Flooding Episodes Millions Will Suffer More in the Future, a Study Suggests

With the global warming-induced sea level rise, the frequency of flooding has increased, putting much larger populations at risk. A recent study has predicted that millions of people will suffer from flood incidents more often than not in the next decade.

The study analyzed satellite observations of floods during the 913 most highlighting flooding episodes, between the time period of 2000 and 2018. During these 18 years, 255-290 million people were directly affected by the floodwaters – a number which is most likely to double in the coming decades.

According to this study published in the journal Nature, the associated satellite images reveal an increased proportion of the population exposed to floods. The findings revealed that the percentage of the global population at risk from flooding has risen by almost a quarter since the year 2000.

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Recent study published in the journal Nature predicts that millions of people will suffer from flood incidents in the near future | Image: STR/AFP

Authors found that population growth in flood-prone areas rose by 34.1 percent more than the total global population rise of 18.6 percent, which means that the number of flood victims will increase by ten times.

The study authors wrote,

The global flood database generated from these observations will help to improve vulnerability assessments, the accuracy of global and local flood models, the efficacy of adaptation interventions and our understanding of the interactions between landcover change, climate and floods.

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Floods are harming millions of people and their livelihoods, while only 13 percent of disaster funds are being used for diminution from floods. Climate change projections suggest that by 2030, the proportion of people exposed to flooding will expand further.

57 countries, in particular, are expected to witness a substantial increase in the percentage of their populations being affected by floods – including parts of North America, central Asia and central Africa. The solution to this upcoming problem is to move people from flood-prone areas.

Via: The Guardian

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