Nike’s One Box Shoebox Reduces Packaging Waste by Half

Nike’s One Box is a sustainable alternative to the brand’s typical method of shipping in a shoebox within a large shipping box. With this new eco-friendly shoebox, the brand is aiming to cut back on wastage caused by conventional shipping boxes.

According to Nike’s custom shoebox designer Rich Hastings, the packaging is often an afterthought. And, people don’t realize its big impact on the environment. Keeping that in mind, the brand has come up with an eco-friendly way to reduce packaging waste.

Nike’s One Box

Compared to conventional packaging, the One Box helps in 51% waste reduction for only online orders. Instead of sending a shoebox within another shipping box, the company wants to have an innovative solution to ship footwear inside its own container.

Nike’s One Box Shoebox Reduces Packaging Waste by Half

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Hastings took an opportunity to create the new One Box for the Space Hippie, which was released in 2020. This new shoe box doubles as a mailer while cutting the use of extra packaging material. Its thoughtful design does not include too much taping. It only comes with a tear-away tab to open the shoe box. For returns, there is an adhesive strip within the box.

The exterior of the box is plain-looking without logos to avoid indicating that there are sneakers within. It will hide the actual content from the potential porch pirates wanting to ‘steal your style’. Even for the interior, Nike opted a simple white ink to ensure there’s no ink transfer to the footwear. This also reduces water usage for printing.

Will Nike Only Ship Sneakers in the New One Box?

This new One Box packaging is still in the pilot mode, considering Nike will ship over millions of units in 2022. Over time, this new shoe box has the opportunity to evolve in terms of its looks, usage, and reducing wastage.

Nike is focusing more on a direct-to-consumer approach. This will shift their sales to their own websites, stores, and mobile apps. Eventually, with increasing online sales, the One Box method will also become a new norm for their shipping.

Nike’s One Box Shoebox Reduces Packaging Waste by Half

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