[NSFL] Why not to let your dog mess with porcupines, ever?

We have seen what happens when anyone messes with porcupines. Confrontations of pet dogs with porcupine are not new. Mostly, dogs end up at vet clinics, but the case of this dog seems too severe to believe. The picture was posted by a Redditor. The photo was clicked while they were on their way to see a vet.

dog vs porcupine

It’s a nightmare. The image is somewhat disturbing. Hundreds of quills have pricked almost every parts of the body. The face is completely shrouded with quills. But there is something to be thankful about. Fortunately, the dog didn’t procure damage to most sensitive part of the face; eyes. The dog must have gave vet a hard time fixing this mess.

The moral of the story is that never ever let your pet mess with porcupines. Nature seems to have given this creature a little advance weaponry as defense. It’s incredible. Isn’t it?

Image: Reddit


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