Amidst Hiking Fuel Prices, Odisha Youth Builds Solar-Powered Electric Cycle

It is correctly said that, “necessity is the mother of invention.” Living up to this adage, young engineer Soumya Ranjan Palei from Pegarapada in Rajnika block, around 120 km northeast of Bhubaneswar, has created a solar-powered electric cycle.

Using a simple battery, solar panel, and motor; the 28-year-old youth has brilliantly turned an ordinary bicycle into an electric cycle. After several trials and errors, Palei’s solar electric cycle can travel at a speed of 25 km per hour. Furthermore, it fuels a hope to resolve the transportation issues faced by poverty-driven families.

Talking about this solar electric cycle, Palei said;

I came up with the innovation to address the issue of pollution and provide a faster and reliable means of transport at an affordable cost.

Solar powered electric bicycle by Soumya Ranjan Palei

Representational Image: Summet

It took him around three months to complete the electric cycle build, ready to hit the road. To test the electric cycle, he travelled a distance of 110 km from his home to Balasore. It took around seven hours to complete the journey during the test run. The solar panel on its roof charges the integrated batteries that further power the motor. The total expense for creating this solar cycle came to around ₹40,000.

The cycle needs to be under the sunlight for around five to six hours to get fully charged, after which it can travel for around 150 km straight. Even without the sunlight, it is easier to charge this e-cycle via an electric socket. Incidentally, if the batteries die, one can simply pedal to reach their destination.

According to the young innovator, this solar-powered electric cycle comes as a handy, cost-saving mode of transport amid the rising petrol prices in the country. So, what do you think of this solar-powered cycle to save money on transportation? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

Via: Zee News

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