Recycled wine bottle lighting designs by Artist Kevin Sutton of Zuma Creations

Artist Kevin Sutton at Zuma Creations works with old wine bottles, plumping parts, brass etc. and even with these materials, he creates incredible handmade original lightening designs. The source of light is always energy saving LED bulbs. The clients can approach to the manufacturer and order a custom lighting design. The artist doesn’t take more than 2 – 3 weeks time to deliver the product. Zuma Creation includes pendant lamps, sconces, chandeliers, table lamp and the collection increases proportionally to the orders placed. Here are few examples of Kevin’s marvelous and ecofriendly craftsmanship.

The 35 Bottle Chandelier constructed from wine bottles. Available for $2500 + Shipping Cost

4 Bottle Chandelier made of recycled wine bottles, brass plumbing and electrical parts. Available for $450 + Shipping Cost

Sconce Lamps made of recycled wine bottles. Available for $250 + $20 Shipping Cost

Pendant Lamps created using recycled wine bottles. Available for $250 + $20 Shipping Cost

Flameless Candle Lights made from recycled wine bottles with a remote control that you can use to choose a mode among available options, like you want a steady flame of flickering.

Table Lamp is handmade using recycled wine bottles, copper plumbing parts and lamp hardware. Available for 350 + $20 shipping cost

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