Stealth Electric Bikes presents Motocross Rider Ronnie Renner a custom Bomber

You already know Ronnie Renner, the guy who set the world record in motocross, but perhaps you didn’t see the fully custom built version of ‘The Bomber’ hybrid bike, which Stealth Electric Bikes presented to him. Stealth Electric Bikes has delivered a custom built and fully upgraded version of ‘The Bomber’ to Freestyle Motocross rider, Ronnie Renner. Ronnie is a RED BULL athlete too and presently preparing for the X Games competition 2012.

The special Bomber was equipped with the upgraded brakes, forks, suspension, and rims. On receiving the fully upgraded hybrid Bomber, Ronnie expressed his appreciation through the following words.

I’m psyched to see what I can do with this bike. The stealth bomber is so unique and versatile that it has my mind racing with possibilities

Stealth Electric Bikes designer Karambalis was very excited to have Ronnie Renner as the new member to their Stealth team and hopes it’ll help in promoting the electric bike culture and, of course, their sales too. Moreover, ‘The Bomber’ is considered one of the toughest hybrid bikes available with 4.5kW of electrical output, hill climbing ability in any terrain, pedal power supported with unique 9 speed sequential gearbox, 6 or 8 pot hydraulic disc brakes, and heavy duty long travel suspension soaks.

Whatever, the purpose is, the zero emission sports bikes can change the trend in the market too and a shift to electric bikes means reduction in the carbon footprint.

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