Snake 3 wheel electric vehicle by Alessandro Gorletti

Alessandro Gorletti is seeking to make your visits to exhibitions more comfortable and guided. Alessandro is basically an interior designer, but he tried his hand on a indoor electric mobility design. His Snake is a 3 wheel electric vehicle, which is specially designed to help people in their visits to the exhibitions or galleries. Electric vehicle can carry one person who stands on the high platform provided only for standing position.

The visitor can move through the exhibition while enjoying a good view of the area and included one touch screen near handle bar shows not only information related to vehicle, like battery, but also can include maps of an exhibition area to help people know their position, the content available in the exhibition and location of restaurant and toilets etc.

The indoor mobility concept sounds optional, but for people, who find it difficult to walk due to age factor or any other physical disability, Snake concept vehicle would be a great help. Moreover, the vehicle is zero emission as it uses electric motor and won’t add anything to emissions.

Designer Alessandro Gorletti, Sondrio, Italy

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