ResQ – A Solar powered lifeguard from Stillform Design Studio

solar powered rescue board

Nothing holds more value than a human life. We would neglect counting carbon footprint produced while rescuing a human life, using any machine or fuel. However, it’ll be appreciable act if someone could enhance the efficiency of the rescuer and still manage to keep the rescue operation green.

ResQ lifeguard boat is a very decent idea for it does both, boosting the rescuers speed to decrease the time he’ll take to reach the one to be rescued. Every minute counts at such times.

ResQ – A Solar powered lifeguard board 2

The lifeguard board is equipped with two electric motors. The electricity required to charge the batteries is derived from our one of the biggest renewable energy hope; the sun. These boards could be charged by plugging in it into a charging dock. The solar panels are mounted on top of the deck. It’s a perfect idea to place solar panels at a place that sees long sunny days. Not everyday people need to be rescued. It’s just some unfortunate souls, occasionally caught in the trap of waves. Meanwhile, the board is idle to get full juice up.

stillform design

The motors provide jet powered propulsion and help the rescuer boost up the speed. The ResQ is designed by Stillform Design Studio. The board is made from polystyrene. There is an inflatable life preserver and a compartment to so that additional tools could be carried.

ResQ – A Solar powered lifeguard board 1

Via: DesignCot

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