SALt lamp – Incredible, green solution for tribal regions with no access to electricity

salt water powered

The SALt is an amazing lamp that can attend to two very critical issues – lack of electricity in far flung areas, isolated Islands and rural areas in developing nations and environmental impact of burning kerosene in lamps.

The lamp can generate more energy than required for lighting and this additional energy can be used to charge electronic gadgets like smartphone via USB.

The lamp runs only on salt water, which is good news for many Islands of Philippines that are forced to use kerosene lamps during dark hours as there isn’t any electricity supply here. An estimated 7,000 such Islands are dependent on kerosene lamps, which is harmful for both the health and environment.

salt-lamp in India

The mechanism is simple. A galvanic cell battery with two electrodes generates power from the electrolyte solutions consisting of salty water. The lamp can run eight hours a day for six months before anodes ask for replacement.

As compared to a kerosene lamp that requires regular refills and maintenance, SALt lamp is an excellent, cost-effective replacement. Most of all, it’s completely green practice without any ill effects on physical health of users.

Behind this idea lies the experience of Engineer and Greenpeace volunteer Aisa Minjeno. She spent time among the native Filipino tribes and witnessed their dependence on kerosene lamps to perform their everyday task after dark.

Salt lamp usb

As initial phase of the project, the company plans to provide about 600 lamps to native Filipino tribes. The company aims to enter the market with their extremely useful innovation that’ll go long way in lighting regions that lack access to electricity.


For regions near coastal areas where there is abundant supply of salt water, this lamp might prove to be an advantage. However, the scope of this ideas isn’t limited to just Philippine tribes, rather, rest of the world can also benefit from it.

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