Pune Sanitation Worker Sings Parody Songs to Promote Proper Garbage Disposal

Despite numerous cleanliness drives initiated under the Swachh Bharat campaign by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the careless disposal of garbage still remains a huge problem in the country. Fighting this insensitive attitude, 57-year-old Mahadev Jadhav, who has been working as a sanitation worker in Pune Municipal Corporation for past 25 years, voluntarily promotes cleanliness drive by singing parody songs.

Twitter Applauds the Sanitation Worker Promoting Cleanliness Drive with Parody Bollywood Songs

Mahadev Jadhav, a sanitation worker in Pune sings parody songs to spread awareness regarding proper garbage disposal

He has been singing parody songs in his voice with a twist to spread awareness regarding the segregation of dry and wet waste. In one of the videos, Jadhav is seen singing a song on the melody of the famous Bollywood song ‘Kajra Mohabbatwala.’

The lines of his song – Kachra, sookha aur geela, sabne mila ke daala, kachre ne leli sabki jaan….criticize the careless dumping of wet and dry waste together.

He received a lot of appreciation on social media for his unique effort to create awareness. Not only citizens applauded him but Union Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs, Hardeep Singh Puri, also praised him for his admirable efforts.

It all started when Jadhav saw people sloppily throwing waste. He cleverly turned the parody old Bollywood songs into swachh (cleanliness) songs to criticize the people littering the public spaces. Now, every day while he is on his morning duty of segregating waste from dump yards, he sings these songs. Jadhav thrives to change the current scenario and hopes that people will understand and follow the rules regarding proper garbage disposal. 

Littering in public places, mixing dry and wet waste together, and then, blaming the lack of action from authorities are common occurrences in India. The irresponsible behaviour of citizens towards cleanliness is a clear sign of the failure of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – the Clean India Mission.

Hopefully, Jadhav’s initiative will appeal to people and encourage them to adopt proper methods of garbage disposal. 

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