SmartFlower: Solar Panel That Follows the Sun to Harness its Energy

Solar panels have come as an imperative aid to reduce fossil fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions. The power to harness renewable energy from sunlight has opened up new arrays for the energy industry. Many iterations of solar panels have since been introduced with various distinct features. However, Austria’s SmartFlower solar panel (or solar sunflower, if you will) has to be the best of all. The company has sold thousands of SmartFlower units in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other regions thus far.

Image: Aram Boghosian

Inspired by the sunflower’s nature, this unique and innovative solar panel has an elegant combination of a sculptural design with advanced robotics and automation – which intelligently tracks the sun, generating up to 40 percent more energy than traditional stationary panels. The 12-petal, 194 square-foot structure generates 2.5 kWh, the output equivalent to a 4 kWh rooftop panel.

SmartFlower features petal-shaped monocrystalline panels that are encased in 2 millimeter glass, making it so strong and thin that it can be bent with the hand. SmartFlower solar panel unfurls like a flower when the sun comes up, and automatically folds up and cleans itself to maintain peak solar utilization at sundown.

According to Jim Gordon, CEO of SmartFlower Solar,

The installation of the Smartflower solar systems at Assembly Row represents the blending of superior performance and artful design with Federal Realty’s important sustainability and community engagement initiatives. Watching the Smartflowers track the sun educates and inspires visitors and occupants toward a better energy and environmental future.

Owing to its technical advancements, this solar panel can track sun’s trajectory throughout the day and harness every ounce of energy from sunlight till sunset. Moreover, the artistic appeal of these panels make them a treat to eye.

SmartFlower Solar Panel Unfurls like Flower, Follows Sun to Harness Energy

Image: SmartFlower Solar

The company has partnered with multinational companies such as Adidas, Siemens, Carlsberg, and Mohawk Group in order to connect design, innovation and manufacturing excellence of renewable energy with employees, consumers and communities.

Two more advanced versions of SmartFlower are also available – SmartFlower Plus and SmartFlower EV; both of which have a few updates as compared to the standard solar panel model of the company. The company has sold thousands of SmartFlower units in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and other regions. The smart system is being sold without storage for about $16,900, and about $22,000 with storage unit. The POP-e version includes an electric vehicle charging station, which can provide nearly 22 kW.

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