Solaris Concept Car for 2013 World Solar Challenge

Mazda and Aurora Solar Car are two names that remind us of mobility, environmental sustainability and innovation. Giving wings to the idea, the duo has announced the Aurora Solaris Concept Car design by industrial designer Ali Jafari from Monash University. The sun powered electric concept car takes a cue from its predecessor Aurora Solar that has revolutionized the extreme efficiency in road transport and set longest solar car journey record of 1,255 km (780 miles) back in 2005. The sporty Solaris prototype that might participate in the World Solar Challenge by 2013 – unlike Aurora Solar Car – can accommodate two people and is clad in solar panels so as to charge its battery on the go for a hassle-free ride. Commenting on futuristic prototype, Andris Samsons – Aurora Vehicle Association chairman – said that this is more like a real car and a magnificent reunion of the beautiful movements within nature and the silent but mighty presence of a stealth fighter plane. The futuristic yet practical 4 wheeled design car can reach up to 150 km/hr.


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