Stunning pictures of Asian elephants grazing halfway on steep mountain in India

Elephants climbing mountains
It is unlikely that anyone would ever imagine a giant mammal like elephant grazing on steep slopes of high-mountains. Mostly, light-weight animals like goats are known to possess skills to climb mountains. However, Santhosh Palaniswamy, an Indian graphic designer, witnessed this scene where about 11 elephants had climbed up on a mountain slope in Kothagiri, India. He was taking a walk in hope of some bird-watching, but came across this impossible-looking scene.

Elephants climbing mountain 2

To their left was a massive drop. How come these elephants, with such a huge weight, managed to climb and stick themselves on slopes such steep.

They seemed to cling to the edges of the mountain like goats. And I didn’t only see it once. The first time I missed the chance to get a good photo because of bad weather,

said Santosh.


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