SunSprite sunlight tracker: Wearable, Solar-powered device cures seasonal affective disorder

self-powered device is wearable
A Harvard medical research couple is looking to fetch funds on Indiegogo or its SunSprite device. The main objective is to deliver a self-powered, tiny device to help people having troubles with seasonal affective disorder. In simple words, medically, the device would ensure the biological benefits of the sunlight. The device is itself solar-powered, and will not charge anything for you but just track the amount of sunlight your body received during any particular time, of course on a sunny day.
solar powered sunsprite
Through the duel sensors, SunSprite measures both visible and UV light exposure. Not only that, it’ll help a user keep away the harmful UV rays as well. The user can receive a set of the tracked data on their smartphone through a simple application. In addition, a LED light also helps as an indicator of the levels
benefits of sunlight
The device might sound useless if you aren’t familiar with the health benefits associated with the amount of sunlight your body receives in a day. According to Dr. Jacqueline Olds, a Harvard Medical researcher and the co-founder of the device:

“Bright light has a surprising amount of control over brain function. Circadian rhythms are hard science – they affect your alertness, sleep pattern and even how you digest food. Getting bright light at the right time of day is clinically proven to boost your energy and help you sleep better, linked to proper eye development, reduced incidence of ADHD, lower blood pressure, reduction in body fat, and strong Vitamin D levels.”
sunlight tracker
This device is wearable, and the user can clip it on suitable surface of clothing with its magnetic clasp. The device doesn’t look ugly as it’s tiny and stylish. The cost of the device is $99 dollars. The device is nearing its funding target, and we hope to see it in production very soon.

Via: Indiegogo

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