Super Blood Moon 2021: Hypnotic Pictures of the Super-Celestial Event

People across the world waited eagerly for the night of May 26, 2021, for a celestial event known as a super blood moon. As the earth’s shadow slithered across the moon and the eclipse deepened, half of the moon seemed to have vanished while the other half looked hazed in the middle with a bright outer edge.

2021 Super Blood Moon

Hypnotic photograph of supermoon rising | Image: Saigeshen Raju/Instagram

A super blood moon is when a full lunar eclipse corresponds with a supermoon, which is when the moon is particularly close to the earth and appears brighter than usual. For about 15 minutes, the moon appears to turn red during this cosmic event.

Super Blood Moon 2021 in pictures

The eclipse over Prambanan Temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia | Image: Alamy Live News

The eclipse started as the moon moved into the earth’s outer shadow, known as the penumbra. It happened in the early morning hours of Wednesday in Western North America, with people in Alaska and Hawaii enjoying the best views.

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Southern Chile and Argentina, all of Australia and New Zealand and parts of Southeast Asia also had the joy of witnessing this beautiful occurring.

Super Blood Moon 2021 in pictures

The full moon rises over Sydney’s iconic opera house on May 26, 2021 | Image: Saeed Khan

A sharp click of the super blood moon | Image: Hayden Williams/Instagram

2021 Super Blood Moon

Super blood moon in a mystic setting | Image: Rypap/Instagram

Super Blood Moon 2021 in pictures

A shadow moves across the moon in Canberra, Australia | Image: Mike Bowers/The Guardian

Here are some more pictures of Super Blood Moon 2021, shared by the netizens.

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