Sustainable Fashion Week 2021 Brings Forth Positive Eco-Friendly Fashion Habits

First fashion week of its kind, Sustainable Fashion Week 2021 (SFW) emphasis on up-skilling, inspiring, empowering and supporting a positive, eco-friendly shift in our relationship with fashion. Running from September 11 to September 19 in Bristol, online and popping up across the UK, SFW offers everyone the chance to be part of the sustainable fashion movement.

Sustainable fashion is not about lifestyles, it’s an essential move in a collective drive for a safe future. The week has an exciting and busy program of activity, with something for everyone, even amateur stitchers or cloth swappers.

Originally slated to take place in April 2020, SFW was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Although the main event will be mostly based in Bristol, there are many pop-up events that will take place throughout the UK. The unique fashion week has a packed schedule of community-led events and workshops, hosted by individuals, brands and organizations.

Sustainable fashion Week 2021 Brings Forth Positive Eco-Friendly Fashion Habits

Image: CEO Today

Contrary to global fashion weeks that reveal seasonal trends, the sustainable movement will share information to allow people to make lower impact fashion adoptions. It will offer people all they need to start new and ecologically conscious fashion habits – from virtual events to helpful upcycling tips.

Founder of SFW, Amelia Twine, said;

We are all wearing the land on our backs. Whether the fibers are natural or synthetic, their origin is the land. We should enjoy the immense possibilities clothing gives us to express ourselves, but should never forget that we are, in every second, connected to the soil and the wider natural world through the fabric touching our skin.

The event states that humankind has until 2030 to reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent to combat the rapidly changing climate. The fashion industry currently has a significant impact on the environment and global communities.

A sustainable and ecologically green shift is imperative to change the industry in order to meet the UN 2030 reduction targets.

The event will focus on broad systemic change. Fast fashion brands need to be held accountable for their contribution to the climate crisis and the exploitation of garment workers.

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