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Solar powered water ride coming to GreenWood Forest Park

Energy needs are growing as human civilization goes deeper into modern,digital and mechanical world. Thinking about buying electricity for recreational purpose doesn’t sound appropriate if we consider upcoming energy crisis. That doesn’t mean all the parks and tourist attraction will be doomed. Rather, they follow

UNplug solar controller

UNPlug solar controller: More than a solar powered gadget charger

A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is promising an incredible solar controller that’ll give people more affordable option to go off grid. UNplug solar controller came into existence when its inventor Markus Loffler faced the inconvenience of a blackout for several days. He is an entrepreneur

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India to come up with four mega-scale solar projects

India is looking forward to double its current photovoltaic capacity as the construction work on four new large-scale solar energy projects worth two gigawatts (GW) is likely to start in April of this year. The plan was unveiled by the Union Minister of Finance of