The Big Ben face might go solar powered to help Parliament save energy


the big ben to go solar powered

UK parliament has committed to increase its energy efficiency by 34% by the year 2020/21.The Palace of Westminster is in focus these days as what methods and strategies could be implemented to make the whole structure more sustainable and energy efficient. One of the recommendations from Sir Rober Rogers, clerk of the House of Commons and chief executive, says that the Big Ben clock face should be converted into a solar powered face. 

The Big Ben clock was built in 1858, and is one of the iconic symbols of the parliament.  The idea itself holds a great opportunity to encourage and promote sustainability and clean energy. The idea was presented on a placard in Port Cullis House for the review by other members. In the words of a spokesman:

“Parliament has committed to improving its energy efficiency by 34% by 2020/21. Throughout February, parliamentary pass-holders were encouraged to support parliament’s energy commitment by submitting ideas on how parliament could save energy.”

Other than this, the parliament has been working hard on other measures to achieve the carbon reduction goal. The plans include installation of solar panels on the flat roofs of the parliament building, recycling, reduction in water waste etc. By the year 2015 the parliament also plans energy saving roof insulation that will be helpful in reducing heat waste.

We hope, we would soon see the Big Ben with a solar powered face. Also, the target put forth by the parliament is in continuous discussion as how to achieve  the energy efficient goal.  The parliament members along with the experts are likely to come out with more ideas soon.

Via:  Solar Power Portal

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