Two-century old Presidio military base transformed into residential apartments

Presidio Landmark apartments

Architectural firm Perkins+Will has converted a San Francisco situated century old complex into amazing one room and two room Presidio Landmark apartments which rents for as much as $8,000 per month. Established as the Presidio military installation at the southern entry of the San Francisco Bay by Spain in 1776, the complex went through lot of transformation over this long period. In 1846 United States took control over the complex and the Presidio served as a strategic training and staging area for many wars. Designed in Georgian Revival style, the seven-story complex opened as The Public Health Service Hospital in 1932 but was shut down in 1981 as part of government cuts.

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The $71M project began in 2008 after Forest City Enterprises was selected by Presidio Trust to redevelop the hospital into residences. Bulky wings from the southern end of the building were removed and three more stories were constructed on top of the four-story north wing. Six-story staircase and the lobby complete with marble walls and crown moldings were restored. The former morgue was purified and it serves as a catering room, gym, yoga studio and also features a wine cellar. On the outside, The Presidio Landmark is surrounded by grassy fields and offer views of the city and the Pacific Ocean. Connected to the rest of Presidio with trails network, the one bedroom flat in the complex are rented out from $2,700 to $4,300 a month, while two bedroom apartments are available for $6,000 a month.

Source: Perkinswill  Via: Curbed


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2 thoughts on “Two-century old Presidio military base transformed into residential apartments”

  1. Capn Dad says:

    This information is incorrect. I was stationed in this building when it was DLI Defense Language Institute in 1986. Prior to that the building was a Mariners Hospital.

  2. Wally Wally says:

    (Because Amren has banned me from commenting, for some odd reason, I’m forced to respond here to a comment you made for the following Amren article:former perch confederate statue honor harriet tubman)

    And you said:

    This whole move is racist and oddly enough I support it. The more “racist” everyone becomes the closer we get to a final reckoning.

    Ole Cap”, you’ll be on your death bed when you finally realize the pipe dream – a re-segregated America – Jared Taylor is selling you (literally), “ain’t happening”, and you could have better spent that time working on an invention (like Dean Kamen), assuming you’re as smart as you amreners constantly boast about.

    BTW, here’s an interesting contrast for you:

    Harriet Tubman: risked her life freeing her people from the horrific institution of slavery.

    You, and your fellow amreners: daily fantasize about a pipe dream that’s as likely to happen as a unicorn appearing on your doorstep.

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