Tiger ‘Zalim’ Who Raised Orphan Twin Cubs Found Dead in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Tiger ‘Zalim’ will no longer be roaming the Ranthambore wilderness. Famously known for rearing orphan twin cubs, Zalim was found dead in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR) in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. Zalim had reared orphan cubs after their mother died in 2011. The 15-year-old male tiger is suspected to have died during a territorial fight inside the reserve.

Tiger ‘Zalim’ Who Raised Orphan Twin Cubs Was Found Dead in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Tiger Zalim was found dead in RTR / Image: Hindustan Times

This is second such tiger death this year. On January 2, in a rare episode, 12-year-old tiger ‘Kumar’ killed 15-year-old tigress ‘Damini’ at Sajjangarh Biological Park in Udaipur.

According to the Field Director, RTR, Manoj Parashar, the carcass of the tiger (T-25) was found in Sanwta village area of RTR on January 20. Based on the first impression, the cause of death was suspected to be a territorial fight. The tiger’s head bone was crushed and canine marks were found on the body. The post-mortem has been conducted and the report will reveal the reason for the death.

Prashar said that T-25’s movement was recently seen in the Khandar area of the reserve. Zalim was suspected to have engaged in a fight with a 10-year-old male tiger T-66, who along with tigress T-54 was moving in the same area.

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The tiger will be affectionately remembered for rearing two orphan cubs of T-5 tigress, which were around three-months-old at that time. There was serious concern over the survival of the two female cubs after their mother’s death.

Zalim then took the two young cubs under his wing and cared for them with fatherly instincts. He protected them from other tigers and animals. He used to stay close to them and even allowed them to eat with him. The officials said that it was an unusual phenomenon.

The cubs were named Bina-1 and Bina-2 and later were shifted to the Sariska Tiger Reserve. They are now known as ST-9 and ST-10. Had it not been for Zalim, the chances of survival of these two were slim.

While the cause of his death is yet to be determined, Zalim will be fondly remembered for rearing two orphan cubs like his own.

Via: Hindustan Times

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