Homecoming of Wild Cats to the Netherlands After Disappearing for Ages

The wild cat, which has longer legs and a flatter head slightly different than its domestic cousin, has made its return to the Netherlands after ages. Owing to hunting and deforestation, wild cats disappeared from modern-day Dutch territories about a few centuries ago.

According to Hettie Meertens, a biologist who works for the ARK Conservation Group, the number of wildcats has surprisingly been increasing since 2013 in southern Limburg.

Homecoming-of-Wild-Cats-to-Netherlands-After Disappearing for Ages

The wild cat has made its return to the Netherlands after age | Image: Michael Gabler/Wikipedia Common

Probably by next year, the number of wildcats will be counted by ARK. It will definitely require considerable time and effort, however, the endeavor will hold an environmental significance.

Meertens said,

The ecosystem is complete with the carnivores. They represent the wild forest and that is very important. The population is small but it is increasing. The situation is fragile, but we are confident in the expansion.

The population of wild cats is small but considerably it will increase in upcoming years, Meertens added, referring both to numbers and the cats extending their territory to other parts of the Netherlands.

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Valerian oil would be used in order to attract cats on branches under which cameras would be positioned to capture them. Farmers are being asked to plant “cat-kind” hedges on fields by conservationists to provide habitat for the voles, that these cats prey on.

These small initiatives will certainly lead toward greater achievement, in the further uprising of the population of wild cats in the Netherlands.

ViaThe Guardian

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