RIL Doubling its PET Recycling Capacity to 5 Billion Bottles

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling is quite famous and can be used in fiber applications. Recently, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) announced that it is doubling its PET recycling capacity by setting up a recycled Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) facility. At present RIL recycles PET bottles at its Barabanki, Hoshiarpur and Nagothane plants, which is planned to increase to 5 billion bottles.

Srichakra Ecotex India is involved in this endeavor to exclusively work for RIL in making the new recycled PSF – Recron GreenGold and PET flakes wash-line in Andhra Pradesh.

RIL is Doubling its PET Recycling Capacity to 5 Billion Bottles

RIL has announced that it is its doubling of PET recycling capacity to 5 billion bottles | Image: Coca-Cola

Vipul Shah, COO, Petrochemical Business, RIL said, expansion of PET recycling capacity is envisioned by MR. Mukesh Ambani. He said,

RIL, pioneer of recycling of PET bottles in India, is processing over two billion post-consumer PET bottles every year and plans to scale it up to five billion in two years. RIL has underwritten the entire production from Srichakra’s facility to provide support for development of the business.

There company claimed that RIL is focusing on sustaining India’s post-consumer PET recycling rate, which is currently the highest in the world.

The main idea is to enhance sustainability quotient of their business and will bolster the entire polyester and polymer value chain that will sustain circular economy. This ensures that India will maintain over 90 percent recycling rates.

Via: The Hindu

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