England Welcomes World’s First Pop-up Solar EV Charging Car Park

Automakers across the globe are consistently working on designing electric vehicles with sales of EVs increasing rapidly. However, the problem is that the charging network is not growing as quickly as it should. To solve the predicament, British tech company 3ti has recently released a prototype called Papilio3. It is the world’s first pop-up solar EV charging car park at the Surrey Research Park, Guildford.

The modular unit comprises a recycled shipping container to support up to 12 fast electric vehicle charging points that operate at 22kWh speed. According to the company, this mini solar charging hub for EVs is easy to deploy and operate within 24 hours. The unit boasts around 36 solar panels and a battery-operated charging system to adapt to the speed of charge. Meanwhile, it decreased the carbon intensity of the electricity needed for charging vehicles.

World’s First Pop-up Solar EV Charging Car Park

Image: Auto Futures

The company says that this particular charging unit works as a perfect destination charge at various places, like shopping centers, offices, and hotels. Hence, it aims to tackle the country’s increasing need for EV infrastructure.

Tim Evans, 3ti founder and CEO, said;

Overnight charging at home generally provides the most cost-effective, carbon-efficient, sustainable form of EV charging, but in the UK, around 50% of households will not be able to do this.

That’s because it’s not convenient to charge an EV at home if you live in a tower block, a flat, a temporary accommodation, or a rented house. But they can easily charge their vehicle in this modular car park and an EV charging hub. After all, they get a reliable charging experience supporting a mixture of around 7, 11, and 22 KW.

World’s First Pop-up Solar EV Charging Car Park

Image: Auto Futures

As per the statistics, the UK needs around 2.8 million public EV charging hubs by 2035. Currently, there are only 52,000. But with the increasing electric vehicle supply equipment at a rate of approximately 17,000 public charge points per year, the country needs more solar charging hubs soon. Therefore, the Papilio3 modular solar EV charging hub could be beneficial to fulfill the country’s increasing need for EV car charging points.

Via: Auto Futures

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