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Over 50 scary images depicting filth of Varanasi and River Ganges that went viral in China

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The floating corpse

In 2008, about 50 images posted with a first-hand account of a visitor who had spent a few months in India, had gone viral in China. Many Chinese forums and columns published them.  The images are disturbing, but not for the government and Indian people except some activists and NGOs. Surprisingly, the images  depicting ugly side of India did improve sanitation condition in China. China has its own flaws, but it can’t be denied that Indian aren’t treating scared river as it should be. On the other hand, Indians don’t mind such embarrassment or they don’t actually know how India is perceived by rest of the world.

India enjoys an image of ancient civilization with spiritual values. There is no country in the world like India when it comes to cultural and social diversity. Tourist are nuts for places like Varanasi. Every state has something unique to offer to tourists. From Himalayas in the north to the costs in the south, from billion dollar buildings to poverty stricken slums, India makes a perfect destination for those who seek exposure to world’s biggest and successful democracy.

A holy ground covered with feces

But India and Indians are ridiculed and embarrassed by other nations for its filth and religious hypocrisy. The River Ganges is considered holiest river for Hindus, and also most polluted. Despite being so sacred, there is nothing that is not dumped into the river. Raw sewage, plastic bags and bottles, industrial effluents, human waste, chemical from tanneries, discarded idols, cow dung, partially cremated corpses, flower-garlands, human remains, animal carcasses, butcher’s offal, chemical dyes from sari factories and construction waste, everything ends up in River Ganges. Daily, people defecate on the banks of this sacred river, while many others come long way to take bath in the same water.

The condition hasn’t changed much in 2015. In January 2015, more than 100 corpses, including children, were found washed up in shallow tributary of the River Ganges. The bodies were decaying and dogs and birds could be seen feeding on them. About 102 bodies were spotted near the village Pariyar, in Uttar Pradesh. All credit goes to India’s custom to give water burial. Many people do it because they can’t afford proper cremation.

Dogs eatin corpses at ganges

dead bodies floatin in gagnes

bodies found in ganges

ganges bodies case

For Indians, it’s a bitter reality that foreign countries, especially China find images of Indian filth effective for scaring their people about the ugly reality of poor waste disposal habits and littering.

The Prime Minister of India has vowed to clean the River Ganges. The government has also built around nine million (90 lakh) toilets in the past one year to eradicate open defecation, as claimed by the PM.

However, India still needs an awakening. We are re-posing the images posted in a Chinese forum. India can do better. All it need is a motivation, and we guess, these images might wake, if not all, then some citizens.

rotting corpses in ganges

Rotting corpse on the shore

Roadside garbage India

River ganges reality

Puri, where heaven and hell come together

people bathing in ganges

mornign on ganges banks

India's holy river

India's garbage photos


Indian filth

improper burning

human body in ganges, varanasi

huma corpses in ganges

holy cow in ganges


ganges water healthy to drink

ganges rotting

Ganges River scenery

Ganges pollution in India

ganges in 2008

ganges images

ganges girl bathing

ganges bath

floting bodies in ganges

Floating corpses in ganges

fish catcher on the shore of the Ganges River

Everywhere the floating corpses of sacred cows

drinking ganges water

dogs freely tearing their food off a rotting corpse

Dogs eating corpses near ganges

Dogs eat man in India

Dog. Crows. Fighting for a child’s head as food. Dog victorious.

Dog at ganges banks

Dirty ganges

dead body in ganges river

cremation on ganges banks creamtion ground varanasi

Cow corpse

Corpses on the Ganges River, giving off an offensive rotting stench

Corpses on the Ganges River, giving off an offensive rotting stench 2

Condition of ganges

cloth washing on ganges banks

Bodies abandoned at the Ganges River

boat in polluted ganges

bathing with corpses in ganges

Bathing in the corpse-filled Ganges!3

Bathing in the corpse-filled Ganges!

Bathing in the corpse-filled Ganges! 4 Bathing in the corpse-filled Ganges! 2

Bathing in the corpse-filled Ganges 5

Bathing in polluted ganges

bathing in ganges

bath in ganges

Animal corpses in ganges

A skeleton on the shore of the Ganges River


A rotting body on the banks of the Ganges River

A floating rotten corpse

A crow standing on a floating rotting corpse

A corpse floating in the Ganges River3

A corpse floating in the Ganges River.

A corpse floating in the Ganges River. 2

A corpse floating in the Ganges River 3

Washing after discarding a corpse

ugly shores of ganges

Ugly pictures of India

The floating corpse of a sacred cow

The body of a cow or a sheep

swimming in gagnges full of bodies

Sunset, rotting corpse, a butt facing the sky

Stinking India

Routine in ganges river

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  • Odayuko-Shah Helen

    What filthy vile disgusting people. Worse than rats or cockroaches! Bathing in water full of rotting corpses, being devoured by stray dogs? Build that wall!

  • eew.

  • Wow

    Clearly someone does not have any knowledge on geography or how immigration works here.

  • Sorbe

    Clearly, someone does not want to see how things ARE and prefers to believe that everything and everyone are as they “should be”.

  • SomethingCool51 .

    P O O I N T H E L O O




  • G.a. Underwood

    You do realize that India does not border the U.S., right?

  • Matheus Rabelo Carvalho

    Dirty place, ignorance and religion hand in hand.

  • PrehistoricUF0

    I wouldn’t even wet my lips with water from that river for MILLIONS of dollars. Absolutely disgusting. What a terrible country. India/China/Pakistan are destroying the planet. Erase these countries already.

  • Jay Bond

    Bullsh*t, then how come we have Indians in the US?

  • That was a joke, right? Because it was funny as F! LOL
    Indians tend to enter the US under work visa (as skilled immigrants, as many of them graduate in computer science or medical schools and have really good skills and experience of work).

  • Gopa- Natascha Gleeson

    wow, look at you. Like to see your city after a thousand years of occupation, aggressive and violent colonisation. Industrialisation that is invasive and unconsidered and then a serious blow out in the population. I promise your city would look no better. I’m startled at your ignorance.

  • D’Marcus Liebowitz

    Let’s let more Indian people into our country!

  • Bradley Garrison

    My thoughts exactly…death is real. If we are horrified and outraged by reality, that is our problem we need to work with. That being said, there are good public health reasons to dispose of corpses in sanitary ways.

  • Bradley Garrison

    You think that India is destroying the planet because the corpses of poor people end up in a river? That doesn’t make any sense. What is destroying the planet is consumerism, corporate greed, war and mass pollution. Poor people on the river ganges have next to nothing to do with it!

  • Ebrahem Ahmad

    Never thought that I’d say disgusting would be an inadequate word to describe this filthy place

  • PrehistoricUF0

    No, the third world shit holes ARE destroying Earth with their extreme overpopulation, ridiculous levels of pollution, and inability to administrate their countries effectively with zero regulations and untold levels of corruption. THAT many people and they still can’t figure out a proper way to do . . . anything.

    LOL @ you criticizing consumerism as you use your technology to make posts. How many Apple phones have you gone through? How much do you love payday because you work hard for your money to do with as you please?

    Go move to one of these places if you hate the West so much, chickenshit!

  • PrehistoricUF0


  • Marcus

    Your disgusting yourself…completely ignorant. You think the majority of these people live like this by choice? You think this is what they want? You sit at home and watch your big screen, get water from your tap, throw wasted food down the drain and call these people rats. This all they know….children born it this and don’t know life any other way.

  • Odayuko-Shah Helen

    Bathing in water where putrid decomposing bodies float in the water? Openly defecating? These people are not brain dead…. de-sensitized perhaps, but no less disgusting!

  • Cactus Cupcake

    This is more heartbreaking than anything. For the earth, for the people that live there and for the desensitization to corpses. They can’t actually believe this water is safe, can they?

  • Jay Bond

    Of course it was a joke lol

  • Shefali Parmar

    These are very disturbing Images, But this is reality. how our rivers has been used in the name of spirituality and Faith from the last decades. I can’t believe people spill the corpse in The river Ganga rather than cremating them. This is seriously very disappointing. Rather than blaming system we should try to change ourselves, we should try to take the responsibilities rather than blaming others and system.

  • John August

    These ignorant people take this water to be mirth due to false religious conditioning i won`t put my foot in this dirty water

  • Hrnakshi Joashi

    Me neither – it used to be pure in the ancient times when ancient writers wrote about it but things change with time unlike people’s mindsets… it is indeed sad that people do not have money for proper funerals and therefore dispose corpses in the river – but it is worse that people consider this a good place to bathe in.

  • M R Gooda

    Why do you not bury the deads?

  • Mafuz Ali

    This is utmost heights of religion blindfold. Drinking the same water where corpses are lying around, we indians will never stop making nuisance in the name of religion.

  • pranav

    It’s easier for the soul to transition to the after life if the body is cremated. The soul has nothing to identify itself with except the physical body. So it’s important to burn it as soon as possible after death.

  • rajesh

    These pictures are really sad to accept that people are terribly using the pure and divine water of River Ganga. We call Her Ganga Maiyya means Mother Ganges. But this one thing just cant prove India a bad country. Dont even keep India with China and Pakistan. There are lot many things in India and Indian culture. I can explain everything here in this platform. But My country is really nice and beautiful. I am proud of being Indian.

  • freedayum

    That is indeed disgusting but what is destroying the planet is global weather
    weirding and environment pollution from carbon emissions and industrial effluents driven by self-centered consumerist life styles.

  • lukebc

    A lot of the bodies shown are those from a poor background whose families cannot afford enough fuel to totally cremate the body so the corpse is only partially burned and then tossed into the river.

  • Helen

    Looks like the Indian government is trying to poison their own population….

  • iamlazybyrd india

  • Sarah

    Institute a one or two-child limit policy and that will take care of a lot of India’s ills.

  • Primitive people with primitive culture.

  • Robin Sarkar

    To burst all you Eco-Friendly bubbles, India won’t change because Hindus won’t change. Try it and get killed by the Hindu mobs. This is their faith. Ugly, Dirty, Filthy and Toxic for the world. You all can ignore this and visit India , but then do not be so sure of your health. You wanna risk coming to India, well then take it as a challange. But India will always be like this, and yeah population is growing 10x than ever. So this filth will 10x in the future as well. And because all these toxic air is passing around from that disgusting country. And be careful of Hindus in 1st world countries, they are probably doing the same thing with your rivers and lakes. Stay Safe and away from these mofos.Period. Racist or not, that’s not the point, pictures says it all.

  • Nita rajan

    It’s a results of nothing but stupid , corruption full, selfish, only know how to brag themselves of all Indians. Shame on you everyone. Help the poor, help educating majority of the people, avoid all of the things o mentioned at the beginning. Don’t say you are proud Indian. You are a piece of shit. You see yourself in the pictures floating. I am namely Indian. But I disgust the way we all are. It will take 500 years to say and see proud India.

  • Jim

    extra soap required.

  • 7MichiganMan .

    India’s so-called “leaders” spread germs and diseases amongst it’s citizens, thru their own nation, and then to the Earth’s oceans. .
    Disgraceful, unclean, treasonous, and an atrocity towards the world.