Man Discovers 40 Baby Snakes in Air Conditioner of His Home

Strange incidents happen every day, but this one is really bizarre. In a recent incident, a man in Pavli Khurd village discovered 40 baby snakes in his room’s air-conditioner. The news instantly created panic in this small Meerut village.

When Shradhanand, who is a farmer, went to his room, he saw a baby snake lying on the floor. He picked the baby reptile off the floor and left it outside the house.

Man Discovers 40 Baby Snakes in Air Conditioner of His Home

Image: News 18

A little while later, when he went to his room to sleep, he saw three more baby snakes on his bed. Obviously, he was shocked. But before he could react, he saw some more snakes slithering out of the air-conditioner in the room.

Proceeding with caution, when the family members took off the cover of the air-conditioner, they were stunned to find 40 small snakes in the pipe.

As the news broke out, the locals gathered at Shradhanand’s house to see the baby snakes. With the help of other villagers, the farmer and his family put all the snakes into a bag and left them in a nearby forest.

A local veterinarian, Dr R.K. Vatsal said that the air-conditioner had neither been used nor serviced in the past months and a snake may have laid eggs, which recently hatched.

Via: News 18

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