Dolphin Carcass Found in Assam’s Dibru River After Baghjan Oilfield Blowout

The oil leak that started on Wednesday owing to the blast at the Baghjan production well has injuriously harmed the aquatic life of the Dibru River. While the world celebrates Environment Day, a critically endangered Gangetic river a dolphin carcass has been found in Assam’s Dibru River. The outer skin of the dolphin was scaly and peeling.

The rare aquatic animals are frequently seen swimming effortlessly after many years, which many believed that these sightings were a positive impact of nationwide lockdown. But within days, a dolphin has been found dead in the river from Maguri-Motapung Beel close to Baghjan Oilfield blowout.

Dolphin Carcass in Assam’s Dibru River After Baghjan Oilfield blowout

Image: Northeast Now

The gas leak in an oil well is still ongoing in the same extent after a blowout a week ago that is feared to have killed endangered animals and forced 2,500 people to evacuate their homes.

Baghjan village, where the rig is located, is very near to the protected Dibru-Saikhowa National Park and Maguri Beel wetlands, which is a haven to many species of migratory birds, rare wildlife and aquatic species. However, the blowout has contaminated the river and wetlands, with the residue from the oil spill sitting on the surface of the water, leading to the poisoning and suffocation of aquatic species.

Meanwhile, the Tinsukia Wildlife Division removed the carcass of the dolphin from the Dibru River and sent it for forensic tests to determine the cause of death. Though the prima facie inspection revealed that oil spill is the reason, the DFO Wildlife RS Bharti ruled out any poaching act and said that the dolphin must have died at least two days ago.

According to Oil India Limited (OIL), which operates the well, gas was still flowing uncontrollably from the leak. While the company is trying to control the situation, the locals and environmentalists believe that untold damage has been done to the rare biodiversity of the area.

This week seems to be a bad one for India’s wildlife. Recently, a pregnant elephant was killed due to the thoughtlessness and brutality of man in Kerala state.

Via: Northeast Now

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