Top Ten Affordable Green Travel Destinations in the World

Sustainable travel is usually thought of as one rife with luxury and quite expensive, which is why people often avoid it. However, there are many eco-friendly and budget-friendly places around the world that can satiate your wanderlust as you travel sustainably. Many countries are following the mantra of sustainable and responsible tourism to help traveler reduce their carbon emissions while making cities more lively, ecological and eco-friendly through various methods.

While you may know green travel tips, you should also know which destination will help you reduce your travel footprint. Here are the world’s top ten affordable green travel destinations that feature cities with cycle-friendly landscapes and green credentials.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - Copenhagen

Image: Tomorrow.City

Voted the world’s most sustainable city in 2021, Copenhagen is one of the world’s greenest places while being on the average side when it comes to affordability. The Danish capital has been a climate-conscious travel destination with its cycle-friendly streets, eco hotels and restaurants, and budget-friendly. While the city is not exactly a cheap place, you can visit it on a budget. It’ll cost you somewhere between $70 and $200 per day to enjoy Copenhagen in a planet-friendly manner.

Bogotá, Colombia

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - Bogotá, Colombia

Image: Go Local! Travel

The South American country has taken significant strides in developing its ecotourism sector, and its capital is leading the green tide. The city’s historic streets are laden with a world-famous network of bike paths. All roads are completely closed for vehicles on Sundays to lessen carbon emissions. Moreover, the city has a stunning natural landscape that is just perfect for climate-conscious visitors. It is affordable and will cost around $50 to $100 per day.

Berlin, Germany

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - Berlin

Image: Totochie

After two devastating world wars, the city was left destitute and residents began to grow their own food, shopping second-hand, and use bicycles for transport in most parts. It has invested in numerous urban farming projects and cycle-friendly streets that help the city’s ample green spaces. There are plenty of affordable lodgings – that focus on sustainability, and minimal-waste policies – for tourists. You can get a place for between $26 and $137 per night.

Julian Alps, Slovenia

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - Julian Alps, Slovenia

Image: Mojca Odar

Slovenia is a country in the Balkans, which is known for its mountains, ski resorts, and lakes. It is among the world-leading eco destinations, with some of the best sights located in the Julian Alps. It is an ideal travel spot with great outdoors and reasonable prices. With a wide range of eco-friendly measures, Bohinj ECO Hotel is the country’s only hotel with a Green Globe award, which is a globally recognized certification for sustainable tourism. Rooms start at roughly $137 with sustainable amenities.

Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - Costa Rica

Image: Travel and Leisure

Costa Rica has been working religiously toward a sustainable future, where both locals and tourists are preserving biodiversity. Arenal Volcano National Park dominates the fertile northern lowlands in Costa Rica and is among the top ecotourism spots. Blessed with natural beauty and a maze of hiking trails, this national park offers plenty of eco-friendly activities for the traveler to revel in. You can stay at the Arenal Observatory Lodge, a sustainable eco-lodge rated by the Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program.

Babeldaob, Palau

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - palau

Image: Trek Zone

Palau is known for its best diving locations, green destinations in the world, and sustainable initiatives. Its Babeldaob Island is working toward ameliorating community-based eco-tours to realize sustainable communities by balancing monetary benefits and conservation of nature and wildlife. You can explore the natural wonders Palau has to offer. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable green travel destinations in the world. You can spend a week in the country for about $1000.

Great Rift Valley, Kenya

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - Great Rift Valley, Kenya

Image: &Beyond

To preserve its natural resources, the Kenyan government created Ecotourism Kenya which offers eco-travel experiences while safeguarding the native flora and fauna. Located in the northeast of the Great Rift Valley, Laikipia is one of the best eco locations. It is home to numerous wildlife species, including white rhino, Grévy’s zebra, leopards, and lions. You can stay at the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort, which is embroiled in sustainable practices and offers affordable prices starting from $200 per night.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - Gothenburg, Sweden

Image: ElectriCity

Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden and is one of the top green travel spots in the world. The majority of the city’s public transport runs on renewable energy, and over 90 percent of the lodging houses and hotels are eco-certified. Moreover, it is surrounded by a natural landscape with thick forests and expansive cycling tracks, and hiking routes. It has been the world’s most sustainable city for four years running as per the Global Destination Sustainability Index. One week in Gothenburg will cost you over $580.

Donsol, Philippines

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - Donsol

Image: Spottico Travel Magazine

The metropolis of Donsol practices sustainable tourism by limiting the number of tourists to sign up to swim with whale sharks. Tourists go to this green location to witness whale sharks in their natural environment. You can go scuba diving with manta rays in Donsol. This small town is rising in popularity as an ecotourism destination. A week in this town will cost you about $470, which is quite inexpensive.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Affordable Green Travel Destinations - Galapagos Islands

Image: &Beyond

The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are the absolute best ecotourism spot on the planet. This group of islands served as an inspiration for Darwin’s theory of evolution. Home to numerous endangered and endemic flora and fauna species, these islands are both geologically remote and unique. You can explore the amazing biodiversity of the islands while spending as little as $100 per day including food and lodging.

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