An awesome tree house built in the woods

I just love reading about earth friendly stuff and regularly blog a lot about environmental issues and technologies. Every time I visit Treehugger, I always find some great green stuff. Today, my eyes stopped for a while on an awesome tree house, I came across while surfing Treehugger. A real tree house in the woods surrounded by trees and I couldn’t resist posting it. So here is the story of the cool tree house built two and a half hours northwest of Toronto for and on the property of Interior designer Lynn Knowlton, who have been dreaming one from the his childhood. On his blog, Lynn has given all the details of the process, through which he passed with his son Michael and the carpenter, Chris, whom he considers ‘master tree fort builder’.

The best thing about this awesome tree house is that almost the whole structure has been built using recycled materials, recycled barn especially. The barn trees, which fell due to a powerful tornado, were used creatively instead of disposing of them in an unproductive manner. The walls and floor boards are made from the torn down barn. Even the grills are bought from a guy who has piled them up on his field and were in rusty condition. Some old windows from a Church and old houses helped well in the making too.

Lynn loves to use barter system and he often exchanges object , which he no more needs, for even the junk he feels can be used anywhere in his plans. Other times, a design advice is bartered for some old stuff. This awesome tree house is not finished yet and Lynn is planning a working kitchen with a small bar. His plans include adding some Balinese influence and for that, a stone vessel sink from Bali is his choice. Other than that, safety is another major concern for Lynn as the tree house is on a good height and therefore, he plans use old Balinese gates to create a safety railing on the bedroom loft. I hope Lynn would complete it soon.

Lynn and his family is in love with their awesome tree house, nicknamed TREE MANSION, built in the forest, which his kids call ‘the witches forest’. Other than being a fine interior designer, Lynn is a nature lover and considers plants as precious living gifts of nature. In his own words :

We are blessed with an incredible amount of trees around our property. I have one family rule (well, I have a couple, but no need to air all my dirty laundry ~ you are just getting to know me , haha) , if you cut a tree, you plant a new one. I am a tree biatch. Even the ratty old trees, they are still a tree. Doesn’t matter if it is on its last legs. IT IS A TREE.

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