An unseen, stunning Himalayan secret captured by Polish photographer

Stunning Himalayan lake discovered

This breathtaking picture that looks like an alien enclave was captured for the first time by Polish photographer David Kaszlikowski while trekking in Himalayas for his documentary – K2 Touching the Sky A glacier near K2, the world’s second-highest peak, created a dramatic clone like structure. The melting ice gave birth to a miniature river. To be more specific, this Concordia lies in a area below K2 where the Baltor and Godwin- Austen glacier converge.

Well, it’s an amazing picture that shows mighty Himalayas still has a lot of secrets, unexplored by human kind.
According to the photographer, who discovered it through a drone,

“It was disappearing, melting, and changing its form every day. It was quite obvious nobody will photograph it again like me; nobody will see it the same way the next season.”

After getting images from drone, the photographer trekked to the spot. He chose night time to capture this majestic picture with his Cannon 5D Mark III with 30-second exposure. He used some LEDs to make ice and water glow.
Literally, you can’t get a clue about the place from its background or landscape, but it does exist in heavenly Himalayas.


Technology has changed the approach of trekkers and photographers. It would have not been feasible to spot this littler wonder a decade ago because there were no drones.

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