Artist Cenazandotti Gilles turns ocean debris into incredible animal sculptures

Artist Cenazandotti Gilles sculptures

Artist Gilles Cenazandotti collects the debris from sea-shores and use them to express his anguish and worry regarding the world of over-consumption with its overflowing waste production, the concern for endangered species, and his emotive efforts to free the see waters from the industrial and petroleum waste.

Artist Cenazandotti Gilles 3

He would walk to the beaches and pack all the debris/ waste which is thrown out by sea waves. What he use the debris to built animals sculptures, especially those at the verge of extinction.
recycled art
The forms, details, and the gestures of his sculptures speak for themselves. The beauty of his works reject any necessity to establish relation of creativity and the glitters of objects, and prove that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Out of waste material, he creates what his imagination tells him, and after you go through his works, you’ll agree that this guy has got a real sense of respect and regard to the nature and its marvelous creatures. His works cry out that the magnificent animals, the ground, the oceans, all are victims of human treachery.
Artist Cenazandotti Gilles 6
All of them are struggling to sustain the balance that nature had gifted them when it all begins. Have a look at some of his awesome sculptures, and take a moment to find out how many apologies you owe to the nature.

recycled ocean debris

Artist Cenazandotti Gilles 2

Artist Cenazandotti Gilles 4

Artist Cenazandotti Gilles 5

Via:Gilles Cenazandotti Future Bestiary

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