10 Best Green Treehouses in the World

Treehouses have become an architectural marvel, which keeps on evolving with contemporary design trends and materials. This way of living has gained much popularity in recent times while offering luxury accommodations and remarkable views. Given the architectural impact on the environment, the best treehouses have begun to employ eco-friendly materials and green building techniques to lower their footprint around the world.

The wildlife, climate and lighting on ground level in areas of the thick close-canopy jungle are not suitable for human occupancy, making treehouses a viable option. Moreover, treehouses are an opportunity for building eco-friendly lodging in remote woodlands as they do not need a clearing of forest areas.

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With a full immersion off-grid experience in the rainforest to modern luxury, green treehouses offer a funky version of childhood nostalgia to travelers who may wish for a stay in the treetops for incredibly rewarding experience in their destination of choice. Here are 10 best eco-friendly treehouses in the world.

Canopy Treehouse, Maine, US

The solar-powered Canopy Treehouse spans 350-square-feet at Littlefield Retreat in Sanford, Maine, US. It is an eco-luxury for nature lovers. The edifice sources its power requirements through wind and solar energy. Moreover, it has been designed and built from recycled and salvaged materials. Many elements inside the lodging employ locally sourced lumber and repurposed stuff. The green structure offers an opportunity to live with a smaller footprint while living in comfort.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: Airbnb

Treehouse Lodge, Iquitos, Amazon

This isolated solar-powered ecolodge is located in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru and features 12 treehouses between 35-75 feet above the ground. The accommodations are at the confluence of the tranquil and protected Yarapa and Cumaceba rivers near the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. It not only offers eco-luxury stay, but gives a chance of watching wildlife at eye level as guests wake in the morning.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: Treehouse Lodge

Baumraum Cliff Treehouse, New York

The Cliff House by Baumraum is for miniature living shelter needs, which works nature in its architecture rather than demolishing it. The structure is supported by a V-shaped pillar secured from the cliff and wrapped around a sturdy century-old maple tree. This eco-friendly treehouse offers the comforts of minimal living paired with fabulous natural surroundings and breathtaking Hudson River.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: Baumraum

4Treehouse by Lukaza Kos, Lake Muskoka, Ontario

With a low environmental impact, 4Treehouse is a lattice-frame edifice that levitates above the forest ground at the shore of Lake Muskoka, Ontario, with an enchanting architectural quality. Architect Lukaza Kos suspended the two-ton, 410-square-foot tree house 20 feet above the ground with steel airline cables and anchored it on the surrounding trees. This treehouse has the minimal impact on trees and the site.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: Cuanto Chollo

Tamarack Treehouse, Ontario

Set at 14 feet above the ground, the Tamarack Treehouse is an off-grid construction that is nestled in a pine tree canopy. The edifice offers a cozy lodging with a blended rustic and modern interior. It is elevated about the ground, allowing the forest floor to grow and flourish, hence, minimizing its environmental impact. Moreover, there is a sauna on the site to let you unwind after a day of exploring the woodlands.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: Airbnb

Hapuku Treehouses, New Zealand

Hapuku treehouses in New Zealand offer a modern take on the traditional tree house lodging with minimalistic design approach that allows you front seat to the wilderness. Located on a deer breeding farm in the South Island, these treehouses offer eco-friendly accommodations. The treehouses are environmentally-friendly – they use solar power, source their food from local farmers, rangers and fishermen with sustainable practices and have ongoing habitat restoration campaigns.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses

Finca Bellavista, Costa Rica

A self-sustaining treehouse community in Costa Rica. This off-grid rainforest destination has a cluster of treetop lodgings that hover near the edge of the beautiful whitewater Rio Bellavista.  The 600-acre complex is linked through ziplines and suspension bridges and provides eco-friendly accommodations with a biodigester that produces electricity and heat through a waste-to-energy process. The location also serves as a tourist attraction for it gives unabridged version of the woodlands.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: Finca Bellavista

Teniqua Treetops, Knysna, South Africa

Teniqua Treetops is an environmentally-friendly lodge that is located in the midst of Knysna indigenous forest. It actively minimizes its energy use and keeps the human footprint at a minimum. The off-grid treehouse harvests rainwater and uses dry compost toilet systems. It is an amazing place for nature lovers to explore the untainted African wilderness while staying above the ground.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: Wanderlust Movement

The Sky Frame, Maine, US

Spanning 350-square-feet, the Sky Frame treehouse is one of the five carbon-neutral dwellings at Littlefield Retreat, Maine. Perched in the midair, this treehouse utilizes recycled and salvaged wood in the construction of the house. While offering modern amenities for comfortable lodging, this treehouse employs wind and solar energy to meet its power demand. It also provides wonderful natural beauty all around it for nature lovers to indulge in.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: Airbnb

&Beyond Ngala Treehouse, South Africa

&Beyond erected Ngala treehouse rental for people to enjoy the African landscape and wildlife in a generous way. The four-level structure has plenty of amenities for comfortable accommodations. It is solar-powered, allowing nature to flourish around it, without any disruptions. This completely off-grid treehouse promises and delivers luxury and comfort combined with the most brilliant wilderness experience.

Best Eco-Friendly Treehouses in the World

Image: &Beyond

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