Self-Dependent India: Carpenter Crafts Wooden Bicycle amidst Covid Times

While the coronavirus pandemic has put many Indians out of work, for some people these circumstances are churning creativity.  Despite the setbacks, people have started to get back on their feet and started generating means of livelihood and happiness for their loved ones.

Such an instance occurred in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu when a father handmade a wooden bicycle for his seven-year-old son. Unable to afford an off-the-shelf bicycle, he handbuilt one to put a smile on his child’s face.

Self-Dependent India: Carpenter Builds Wooden Bicycle amidst Coronavirus Times

A carpenter crafted a wooden bicycle for his seven-year-old son | Image: ANI

Suryamoorthy, a Madurai-based carpenter, could not afford a bicycle for his son, therefore he made one using wood and spare parts from old bicycles. The carpenter said that he took eight days to build the bicycle. Except for the tires, rim, brakes, and chain, every part of the bicycle is made of wood.

Exemplifying the idea of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-dependent India), which has become quite the motto of Indians during Covid times, the man has exhibited an optimistic spirit amidst all the despair. In a video, he is seen giving finishing touches to the wooden bike and riding it to show the smooth functionality of his creation.

Suryamoorthy is not the only one to create such a unique and eco-friendly iteration of the traditional bicycle. A few months ago, a carpenter from Punjab, Dhani Ram Saggu, also illustrated the idea of DIY (Do it yourself) with his handcrafted wooden bicycle during the nationwide lockdown.

Self-Dependent India: Carpenter Builds Wooden Bicycle amidst Coronavirus Times

Another carpenter from Punjab started making wooden bicycles after he lost his work during the pandemic | Image: Better India

Zirakpur-based Dhani Ram decided to explore the concept of eco-friendly bicycles, and the idea gained so much popularity within a short time that he is now receiving orders from Canada and South Africa.

Reportedly, Saggu was rendered jobless after the nationwide lockdown was implemented in late March, this year. His shop called ‘Noora Interiors,’ which mostly deals in crafting doors, cupboards, shelves in palatial buildings in the region, was completely shut down, and he was left with no means of livelihood.

But, he decided not to give in to gloom and hopelessness, and resolved to use his woodworking skills to build something creative. Then the concept of creating an eco-friendly bicycle dawned upon him and he started to work on it.

Both of these iterations of wooden bicycles have received much love and appreciation on social media. Not only they promote the eco-conscious model of manufacturing but exemplify the idea of self-reliance. Hopefully, these stories will inspire those who have lost hope and employment during these trying times.

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