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“Recycling Mania” customized cardboard space adds fun to recycling

The real purpose of recycling is to help turn materials, which would otherwise land up in waste, into valuable offerings. The entire concept of recycling has been pretty laid back despite people being highly educated about diminishing resources and their consumption stats worldwide. Thus, a

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From cars to Cows

Miina Akkijyrkka was born on July 2, 1949 in Finland and is a Finnish sculptor. She is also a protector of native Finnish cattle breed “Finncattle” that is often kept for dairy production. Miina Akkijyrkka is big fan of cows and that motivated her sculpture

Coolest Wood Camera iPhone 4 Case

This Wooden camera Iphone 4 case looks simply awesome piece of art that will make clicking photos from your iPhone a cooler business. Natural strength of walnut and bamboo is blended with the hi-fi iPhone. Laser engraved design create illusion of a real camera for