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Two New Species of Greater Gliders Discovered in Australia

Two New Species of Greater Gliders Discovered in Australia

Once the greater gliders, the world’s biggest gliding mammals, roamed the Australian lands freely. However, with the climate changes and human activities, the animal now falls in the category of endangered species. To the delight of conservationists, researchers have recently revealed that there are actually

Caspian Tiger: Could the Big Cat make a Comeback from Extinction?

Could the Caspian Tiger be Brought Back From Extinction?

The majestic Caspian Tigers once proudly roamed the lands of Central Asia, but have gone extinct half a century ago. These big cats strayed through most of the Northern provinces of Iran and on the border of former Soviet country Tajikistan. In the late 19th

Barbaric and Inhumane Incidents of Animal Cruelty in India

It is no hidden fact that ever since the prehistoric times, mankind has feared what it cannot understand. The fellow species have always scared the man and to overcome this fear, mankind resorted to violence against animals. The cases of animal abuse in India have