Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale Gives Birth While Stuck in Fishing Rope

Aquatic life has been suffering from several life threats from a very long time, so much so that the number of extinct species is snowballing with time. Presently, the North Atlantic right whale is among the most endangered whales in the world.

Even though they are protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act their death rate keeps on rising. In a really heartbreaking and miraculous news, a North Atlantic right whale gives birth to its newborn calf while being stuck in fishing rope.

Scientists confirmed that a North Atlantic right whale, who was entangled in a fishing rope, managed to give birth to its newborn calf in the waters off Georgia, on the US south-eastern coastline.

The whale was first seen with a fishing rope stuck in its mouth but experts were unable to help the whale. According to biologists, the newborn seemed healthy during an aerial survey near Cumberland Island.

Endangered whale gives birth while entangled in fishing rope

Image: AP

The population of the North Atlantic right whale is declining speedily. This critically endangered species is estimated to be less than 350 individuals. It has been noticed that adult females of the species often migrate to warmer waters off Georgia and Florida to give birth.

Clay George, a wildlife biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources mentioned;

It’s amazing but, on the other hand, it could ultimately be a death sentence for her, that’s because the mother whale may struggle both to nurse her calf and have the energy needed to keep dragging the fishing line while also trying to recover from potential injuries to its mouth.

Spotters claim to keep a check on the mother whale and its newborn. The situation is quite serious as the whale got two pieces of rope, around 20 feet long, stuck in its mouth. These ropes might get knotted around each other encircling in an endless loop, worsening the situation even further.

Fishing gears and ship collisions are often responsible for causing life loss in oceans and rivers. Atlantic Right Whale Consortium reported that approximately 10 percent population loss was recorded in the last year.

Given that we are hurtling toward a mass extinction event on our current path, we really need more rules and regulations to safeguard the marine life. This does not only apply to the aquatic creatures, but all living beings on the planet.

Via: The Times of India

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