Belgrade’s “Liquid Tree” Creation to End Air Pollution

Serbia’s Belgrade has found an exclusive way to fight against air pollution in the form of a “Liquid Tree”. This unique invention dubbed LIQUID 3 is the country’s first urban photo-bioreactor, which will efficiently deal with the problems linked with greenhouse gas emissions by refining the air quality.

Serbia is a highly polluted nation with two largely polluting coal power plants. The environmental riots in the country do not seem to be stopping soon, while the air pollution levels are increasing at an alarming pace. Thousands of people in Belgrade protested against the environmental negligence, but in vain. Fortunately, an innovation like Belgrade’s Liquid Tree (a.k.a LIQUID 3) can be of a great help in such situations.

Belgrade’s Liquid-Tree

Image: Euronews

The creation uses microalgae for binding, producing carbon dioxide and pure oxygen, respectively. It will produce oxygen through a complex, yet widely known process of photosynthesis. The photo-bioreactor encloses a massive amount of six hundred liters water in it.

Dr. Ivan Spasojevic, one of the authors on the project from the Institute for Multidisciplinary Research at the University of Belgrade said;

The microalgae replaces two, 10-year-old trees or 200 square meters of lawn. The system is the same because both trees and grass perform photosynthesis and bind carbon dioxide.

The system works on the same mechanism as plants and performs photosynthesis by intaking carbon dioxide. But the microalgae has a foremost advantage that they are approximately 10 to 50 times more effective in undertaking the problem of air pollution than trees.

Ivan Spasojevic further adds;

Our goal is not to replace forests but to use this system to fill those urban pockets where there is no space for planting trees.

According to World Air Quality Report, Serbia was ranked as Europe’s fifth most polluted country with an average 2.5 PM pollution found in the air. Reportedly, the air quality of Serbia is responsible for causing 175 deaths per 10,000 people.

The initiative to end air pollution in the form of a fluid-tree sounds great in a nutshell but the wide practicality of the same is yet to be discovered.

Via: Euronews

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