Earth’s Black Box: Our Next Move to Meddle Climate Crisis?

Earth's Black Box

Image: Earth’s Black Box

Climate crisis causes quite the social unrest. How often we have to read or listen to disturbing headlines in the morning where changing climate is altering the course of our lives? When will the devastating events ever come to a halt? Questions are many while answers are but a handful. And we begin to wonder what are we going to do next after the dissatisfied results of COP26?

To save the day, as per the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Earth’s Black Box is being constructed on a granite plain in Tasmania, Australia, which has been chosen for its geopolitical and geological stability. Now the question arises, what is this black box all about?

Unlike its name, it would be a giant steel box that will meticulously keep a record of every decision we make moving forward to deal with climate change. Just like for any treatment a prior history of the patient is prerequisite, likewise, to treat the planet’s growing threat of changing climate, this tool will act as a database, storing measurements and interactions relating to the health of the planet earth.

The configuration of the box will comprise steel walls measuring three inches thick, solar panels on the rooftop and backup batteries to account the power process. The box will assimilate all sorts of developments and information about climate change. It will download scientific data with help from a purpose-built algorithm, while studying existing data on the phenomenon from the internet.

The sole reason for the creation is to deliver an equitable catalogue that could lead to the cause behind earth’s ongoing and forthcoming destruction. The box can act as an essential device to provide vital information on the phenomenon quickly, offering time to act upon it.

Just like a flight recorder (also happens to be known as black box) investigates while accounting for accidents and incidents, Earth’s black box claims to do the same with respect to human-induced disasters.

In science, a black box transfers characteristics in the form of inputs and outputs but its working is opaque or black. Its basic depiction is usually in the form of data flow. The Black Box will record the events backwards and forwards to analyze the historical obliteration of the climate crisis.

This development has a vast potential and can work like magic, only if we intend to take strict actions against the root cause behind global destruction. After the massive failure of summits like COP26, it is unlikely for people to bring changes just by looking at some data. We need zeal and passion from people across the world to save our planet. It is high time to do something, act now or never!

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