Cerebra Green Enhances E-Waste Recycling Capacity to 40,000 Metric Tons

E-waste is emerging at a rapid pace globally and it has become one of the fastest-growing waste streams on the earth. Not only electronic-waste is one of the most toxic waste out there but it is also one that’s very difficult to refurbish.

India happens to be the third-largest generator of e-waste after the USA and China, worldwide. To minimalize the situation Cerebra Green, the e-waste division of Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd and India’s largest e-waste recycling and refurbishment plant in Narsapura, Kolar district, has bumped up its recycling & Refurbishment capacity to 100 percent.

Cerebra Green has enhanced its metric tons capacity from 20,000 to 40,000. The company has also launched a zero-cost EMI Device as a Service (DaaS) program to commercialize organizations in India.

Cerebra Green Recycling 40,000 MT

Image: The Better India

DaaS is a monthly or yearly subscription-based model, companies are not required to pay for the management and service costs for every device distinctly. It has observed 65 percent increase in India in the past 11 months.

The widespread cooperation collects outdated EOL consumer electrical & electronics e-waste directly from the end-user, repair centers, and retailers. Their main aim is to refurbish electric products to reduce the maximum number of electronics-induced waste.

Cerebra Green Doubles its e-waste Recycling

Image: Cerebra

Alongside the company also trains dealers to set up e-waste collection centers to encourage others to avoid environmental damage.

V Ranganathan, Managing Director, Cerebra Integrated Technologies, spoke about the company’s growth;

We are well on track with our business growth plans. In fact, we have recycled over 28,000 MTs of e-waste in the last three years. Doubling our capacity will help serve the growing generation of e-waste that is stemming from a larger distributed and connected workforce.

The venture offers end-to-end lifecycle management of the e-waste and it would also decrease the demand for electronic products further declining the rate of e-wastes.

In this day and age where everyone keeps grouching about every single problem instead of looking into its solutions, Cerebra Green is contributing a lot to making our planet e-waste free.

Cerebra Green Doubles its e-waste Recycling

Image: Cerebra

Via: The Better India

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