Cool upcycled DIY Ant Man helmet for this Halloween

DIY ant-man helmet

This awesome Ant Man helmet looks like a piece of fine metal work. But this eye-catching helmet is made from found objects that are easily available around us. That qualifies it for an ultimate Halloween costume DIY project. Fashion designer Mikaela Homes, a content creator for Instructables design studio, got inspired from a DIY video and worked in her own upcycled version.

Upcycled Ant-man helmet

She searched her bins for old bottles, cups, bolts, pipe clamps, plastic plates, bowls, cardboard, duct tape, paint etc. Homes find satisfaction in transforming discarded objects into re-usable objects. It wasn’t a hard project for Homes as working with found or recycled materials isn’t new for her. She built the helmet in 15 simple steps without much toil and hunt for suitable materials.

Amazing halloween ant man costume

In her own words, Homes says,

“Not long after seeing Ant Man over the summer, I found a video online about how to create an Ant Man helmet at home. I thought it looked like a fun challenge and I wanted to try making my own version. I’ve always liked taking recycled objects and trying to reimagine them into an elevated an unrecognizable form. There is something very satisfying and magical about this transformation, it makes you think about the objects around you in a new way, and it’s a fun treasure hunt to find what you need.”

Homemade Ant-man constume

You can find every step involved in making of this amazing Ant Man helmet on Instructables and Homes has also suggested other suitable materials along with those she used in project.

Ant man halloween costume

It’s simply a marvelous upcycle job for a Marvel character as the end result looks no less than a sophisticated piece of painstaking work.


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